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Spa & Wellness
Let yourself spoil
in the Spa & Wellness Center ...

Enjoy the sea view
, turn off your thoughts and  listen to the sound of the gentle plash of the fountains, enjoy the slight sea breeze and the quiet meditation music.
A small summary of our spa menu:
Spa treatments
Every treatment starts with a slight pressure massage with warm towels to open the pores of the skin.
Balinese Body massage

60 oder 90 Min.

A deeper layer massages using thumb and long strokes. It will help to realize muscle tension and to improve the blood circulation.
Stone Massage

75 Min.

Using heated stone and involving energy (reiki) to
totally relax tissue and nerves increase circulation.
Body Scrub

60 Min.

Incl. Body compress and body glow
Body Mask

45 Min.

Incl. Body compress, bathing and body glow
Body bathing

30 Min.

Incl. Body glow

60 Min.

Different techniques are combined with a wide range of purest and natural cosmetic product, personally tailored to your skin type. These treatments include hand and foot massage plus ear reflexology.
Recommendation: Once a week
Relaxing treatment feels the angelic touch and brings home the memory.
Recommendation: Once in every two weeks
Regular or Art Manicure / Pedicure

90 Min.

Finishing by choosing nail polish or without
Tired Foot Reflexology Treatment

60 Min.

Incl. Foot bath, foot scrub, reflexology and foot massage

Manicure 30 Min.


Pedicure 30 Min.

Puri Mangga Detox care 3 hours Puri Mangga Sun burn savor 4 hours
  • Foot bath
  • Body compress
  • Body scrub
  • Showering
  • Having drink and salad
  • Body mask
  • Luxury bath
  • Body glow
  • Cup of ginger tea.
  • Foot bath
  • Body massage
  • Body mask
  • Luxury bath
  • Body glow
  • Having drink and salad
  • Foot reflexology
  • Pedicure
  • Cup of ginger tea
...and a lot more !
Spa & Wellness

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