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Welcome to the Puri Mangga -
Sea View Resort & Spa
Experience your dream vacation apart from the mass tourism in the north of Bali.
Puri Mangga is surrounded by rice fields and palm trees with a fantastic view to the sea. Enjoy a special atmosphere and your soul will be captured for a long time. more…


Spa & Wellness
The recreating treatments are based on ancient Balinese therapies,  actively enchancing the energy in your body.
Let indulge yourself  with a typical Balinese massage and enjoy afterwards a relaxing flowerbath, alone or for two. more…


Bali experience
„The island of the Gods “or „the land of smiling faces “?
Green rice fields, ornated temples and friendly smiling people  setting up beautifully decorated oblations. This and a lot more makes Bali as it is, a beautiful  and mystic island. Bali is just to good for doing only beach vacations. more...


Breakfast from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.?
No problem…. is it hard getting up at the right time because of the jetlag, having a little bit to much of our wonderful cocktails or for any other reasons, you will get your breakfast anyway - at any time or our chefs will prepare a delicious and fresh snack for you.  more…


Our special offers
Are you looking for something special and outstanding?
Then you are with the Puri Mangga people at the right place. In our offers you will find for sure "a certain je ne sais qoi". Starting with our honey moon special to the diving special, we have a lot to offer!  more…


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